Gold Coast Painting Contractors

Enviro Colour Eco-Painters was established on the Gold Coast in March 2011 by Gary McCallum the Managing Director. We are mainstream Commercial and Residential Painting Contractors who are conscious of health and environmental issues that are relevant in the use of various types of Paint coatings. We, therefore, by understanding which coatings are best suited to different substrates can advise clients and potential clients based on individual requirements, which products are best suited to each particular project. At Enviro Colour we are committed to including our clients in product choice through a detailed, product information profile best suited to each client by using a questionnaire that will give the choices that you may not know that you had. We offer free initial consultation and quotation. Enviro Colour is a growing company and are able to give our clients a personalized, organized schedule from start of project through to completion. We are fully insured and licensed in Queensland and NSW.

Enviro Colour Mission

“Enviro Colour Management are 110% committed to supplying safe work sites for staff and public, and to educate clients and staff on the health benefits of clean air on projects that we work on.” Please ask us how you can keep the indoor air clean as we have good quality non-toxic paints ready to use on your next project. “Great for the health of your family and work colleagues“

At Enviro Colour Eco-Painters we are committed to advising our clients how they can use low VOC and no VOC systems to deliver Premium paints and quality workmanship by trade qualified painters & decorators with a focus on quality and reliability. We are a member of Green Painters.

Warranty & Commitment

10 – 15 year manufacturer’s warranty on product performance and a 3 year faulty workmanship warranty. We also pride ourselves on a 90 day after completion satisfaction call and a 12 month maintenance inspection as a follow up to complete our Warranty.

Sensitive Clients

We also offer a complete system designed to service the sensitive and thus is good for people with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, pregnant women, babies, children, the elderly, office complexes with ducted air, hospitals, shopping centres, child care centres, schools and many other places.

This system is perfect where a client needs to keep the air clean during the painting and afterwards to move people back into their habitat quickly without the risk of adverse reactions to the toxins in paints with VOCs.

People who are super sensitive, it would be recommended that they be moved for up to 2 days before entering the painted area to be sure of no reactions.

Our clients are varied and it is important to remember that VOCs can affect healthy people also, so after being made aware of the dangers and alternatives, why would you take the risk?