How to Update An Office Space

 A simple paint job is one of the best ways to completely update an office building. It’s not all about the looks, either. The way you utilise colours can have a huge impact on emotions, creativity and even productivity. Nowadays, trends in office decor are based not only on making good impressions with clients and visitors, but also on creating an optimal environment for the workforce. If you’re looking for great ways to use paint in an office building, check out the following tips.

Start with Sleek Blacks and Whites

Black, white and grey are among the biggest colour trends for offices. Why? There are a couple of good reasons: These colours lend a sense of formality and luxury to interior spaces, and they’re neutral enough to look great with a variety of furniture colours, accents, desk accessories and more.


Not only will the streamlined look impress your clients, but it will also give the space a clean, fresh feeling.

Work with Contrasts

Many experts believe that contrasts in colour can help to increase your brain’s activity and attention span — plus, well-planned color contrasts can be visually stunning. In fact, schools have used colour contrasts as a way to give students a break from their bright-white reading and writing surfaces. The ability to look up at something darker is believed to help relieve strain on eye muscles.

Black and white colour schemes have obvious contrasts, but remember that this isn’t the only way to add contrast to an office. You can utilize opposing colors, like blue and orange, and contrasts between light and dark shades of the same colour.

Put Colour Psychology to Work in Your Office

As you’re planning contrasts or accent walls, make sure to use colour strategically. Colour psychology can have a big impact on the workforce’s mood and productivity. For instance, blue has been shown to have a calming effect, while green boosts creativity and yellow causes anxiety.

Add Splashes of Colour

For many, the natural tendency is to avoid daring new colours and instead stick with safe neutral colours. While a basic neutral colour scheme gives an entire space a unified feeling, it also leads to a sense of boredom. Mix your neutral themes with areas of different colours — bright orange accent walls, natural shades like green and brown, or soothing colours like blue. This will make the work space feel more cheerful, which helps employees stay motivated throughout the day.

Chalkboard and Whiteboard Paints

One great way to encourage creativity is to use whiteboard and chalkboard paint throughout the office. This gives employees a fun, modern way to brainstorm or keep track of tasks. This can also help office managers save space, since there is no more need to keep those big, clunky whiteboard frames around.


It’s amazing how a little bit of paint can help to completely transform an office space.

Use one or all of these tips to turn a dull office into a lively, productive place!

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